Polar Bears Special Features?


Polar bears are the only bears that are white. Polar bears are able to exist in cold conditions. Most other bears live in mild climates and forests. Polar bears tend to dwell in cold, icy climates that snow a large majority of the time. One of the special features of female polar bears is that a female will double her size when she is pregnant with a polar bear cub. Another fact about polar bears is that there are rarely polar bear carcasses found in the wild.
Q&A Related to "Polar Bears Special Features?"
The special features are its claws and its fur so it can survive harsh conditions. There are many stories about the polar bear, and interesting tales told. Another the special thing
Arctic temperatures range from 10 degrees Celsius in summer to below minus 30 in winter. Winter has little to no sunlight. Summer has near-continuous daytime but little solar radiation
They keep seal populations healthy. For example ringed seal. Without their natural predator which has been their main predator for millions of years the following happens. Seal populations
The polar bear is the world's largest bear. During summer, they eat rodents and berries available on the plants there. They are superb swimmers and have been seen in water hundreds
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