What is the purpose of heating the porcelain crucible?


to increase the inter mlecular space of the solvent so the solute particles get in the increased space.
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it is smooth and durable. will not grind away and contaminate what you are crushing. material is inert and will not react to what you are grinding/mixing. metals will react with chemicals
The crucible will probably
A crucible needs to be a material that can stand a very high heat and not react with the material in it. It can not melt or vaporize or combine with the test material or cause the
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Crucibles are used in chemistry. They are porcelain-like containers that are used to heat substances to very high temperatures. The crucible tongs are large pincers ...
A crucible is defined as a vessel or device made of a refractory object like porcelain or graphite. It is used for reactions of high temperature chemicals. It ...
Crucible refers to a vessel made of a refractory material such as porcelain or graphite, used for calcining and melting materials at high temperatures. It may ...
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