What are the application of normal approximation to binomial distribution in computer field or real life.?


It could help a doctor report to a patient if they have a larger chance of contracting a disease if a gene is in the patient's DNA. Suppose individuals with a certain gene have a 0.70 probability of eventually contracting a certain disease. If 100
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use msde its free(royalty free) and lite version of SQL Server, can be installed on desktop pc with good features checkout there distribution/deployment policy on microsoft.com for
It depends on what kind of language you use to develop your program. When you use C++, you get the overhead of /RTC and the Edit + Continue support. They slow down the generated code
setuptools install your package in a location which is reachable from python i.e. you can import it: import project the problem raise when you do relative imports instead of absolute
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A simulcast is the transmission of a broadcast using several transmitters distributed throughout a particular area at exactly the same time. A practical application ...
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