What is descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar?


A. descriptive. grammar tries to describe the actual structures and forms of a language. A. prescriptive. grammar is essentially a list of linguistic do's and don'ts.
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prescriptive grammar
an approach to grammar that is concerned with establishing norms of correct and incorrect usage and formulating rules based on these norms to be followed by users of the language.
a set of grammatical rules based on such an approach.
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Your writing may be read by people with varying levels of English proficiency, and correctly-formed, well-crafted sentences are significantly easier for non-native readers to understand
"Descriptive grammar" refers to the structure of a language as it is actually used by speakers and writers. "Prescriptive grammar" refers to the structure of a
Prescriptive means 'telling you what to do' (like a doctor writes a prescription telling you what medicine to take) Prescriptive grammar tells what people's lanugage use SHOULD be
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