How to Graph Integers on a Number Line.?


1. Draw a line on a piece of graph paper using the ruler and pencil. 2. Insert hash marks to indicate the integers that will be graphed on the number line. For example, draw a hash mark for 0 in the middle and moving to the left of the zero, write
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If you have drawn a number line counting in whole numbers, the integers are those whole number points. Any decimal numbers inbetween are not integers.
Whatever the number is that is shown, the
The integers (from the Latin integer, literally "untouched, hence "whole" the word entire comes from the same origin, but via French are formed by the natural numbers
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If you were to construct a number line, including zero and both positive and negative numbers, and only using whole numbers (no fractions), you would be able to ...
Yes 0 is considered an integer. An integer is any whole number on the number line whether it is a positive number or a negative number. A set of integers could ...
Understanding integers and their meaning is easy - an integer is any whole number on the number line and includes all positive numbers, all negative numbers, and ...
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