Printable Maps of Pangea?


Pangea was the name of the supercontinent that existed back in the Paleozoic era, thought to have come into formation around 300 million years ago. The single, large ocean that surrounded it was known as the Panthalassa Ocean. It's thought that the supercontinent started to break off into smaller pieces around 200 million years ago. You can find maps online that are printable of this supercontinent. No one knows for sure why it started to break apart into smaller pieces but it caused the many continents we now live on.
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There are a couple of really good places on the Internet to find printable world maps: The first one is geography.about.com and the other is mywonderfulworld.org/maps. Both have very
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The current continent of Asia was in the north/northeast area of the former supercontinent and Jerusalem was approximately in the southwest region of that area of the landform. Source
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