What are the cons of being against dnr and what are the pros of being against dnr?


Depends what the patient's situation is (for example, if they are young and healthy, or if they have terminal cancer) DNR can avoid futile resuscitation attempts. Sometimes, we're able to bring a person back; but they often suffer neurological damage
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Siblings should simply respect your parent's wishes and not try to second-guess them and substitute their own judgment, in my opinion. But since that is probably not going to happen
I must admit that it is a very good question, but at the same time it is far from reality. But assuming that it exists, here are the possible advantages and disadvantages (I tried
Wet-pluggable connectors are available as an option on all of our underwater instruments. Wet-pluggable connectors may be mated in wet conditions. Their pins do not need to be dried
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