Where can i source a wiring diagram for a proton Wiring diagram for proton?


go to proton edar or its assembly plant n get it cos i dont tink they will sell to outsider.
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A Bohr Diagram is a
every little black circle with a minus sign in it is an electron. count the number of those. there will (i assume) be 97 of them because that's how many protons are in the nucleus
It represents the lowest protonation microstates in your system, along with their relative energies. This is a more fundamental description of titratable system than that based on
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The Bohr diagram starts with a Circle. Then you will make dots to represent the Protons and Neutrons. The diagram is made into three layers. For more information ...
An electron dot diagram shows the bonding of atoms. They can also be referred to as Lewis Dot Diagrams. The electron dot diagram will show the number of protons ...
Bohr Rutherford oxygen diagram has eight neutrons and protons. It has two electrons in the first orbital and the rest - six on the second orbital. It is mostly ...
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