Qualities of a Good Supervisor?


There are several qualities that make a good supervisor. 3 of these qualities include: great communication skills, adapting to changes, and approachable. Supervisors are those in which hold a great amount of authority and power over others in the work place.
Q&A Related to "Qualities of a Good Supervisor?"
Someone who can put trust into his or her employees. Someone who does not watch over his workers and instead believe that they are doing what they were asked to do. Someone who trains
1. Assess the abilities of those you supervise. If you have some experience on the same level of hierarchy, draw on your observations from then. Look at both the work output and the
Fully understand exactly what is expected, the details of what is to be accomplished; daily, monthly, etc. That's probably my strength. I'm good at project planning down to the finest
The three most important qualities of as supervisor are people skills, organization skills, and execution skills. People skills involve motivating people to work: typically by seeing
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