Which Is Better Raid Fogger or Fumigator or Could I Use Them Both at the Sametime?


Raid (r) Deep Reach Fogger(tm), is better than the fumigator product. The Fogger eliminates more pests than the fumigator. It is important to follow all precautions and instructions on the label of the product to avoid harm to persons, property, and pets.
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Fogger doesn't work. Fleas live in carpet years after animal has left. I pulled up all carpet in house.
Imiprothrin 2,5-Dioxo-3 2-propynyl-1-imidazolidinyl methyl 1RS-cis, trans
Foggers, "Raid" or otherwise, contain aerosol propellants in order to do their work. The aerosol propellants are flammable and an explosion or fire can result from a single
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