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On the Free Book 4 U website, the entire copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Hobbit can be read for free. The chapters are broken down into clickable links which are easy to navigate through. The Hobbit is a timeless classic depicting trolls, goblins, dwarves, and elves. The story is great for kids and adults of almost any age. The story is full of action, mystery, and adventure, and teaches a very important lesson at the end. Enjoy the reading The Hobbit for free, and don't forget to rate the novel when you finish.
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Today you can instantly download books online and read them within a few hours. There are several websites that allow you to download for free and others only cost a few dollars.
You can read The Hobbit by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in
1. Establish the reading corner near a fireplace, if possible. It can provide the warmth and comfort hobbits love. And on warm days that don't call for a fire, an empty fireplace
Tolkien wrote the story for his children, who ranged from roughly 7 to 16 at the time of writing. In my opinion, it would take a very precocious 7 year old to fully enjoy the book
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