Relationship between Viscosity and Density?


Physically there is no relationship between density and viscosity. Viscosity can be measured by noting the speed of flow of a liquid. There is a relationship between viscosity and heat of the liquid. Increased heat of the liquid increases speed of viscosity or flow. Density is not affected by these operations.
Q&A Related to "Relationship between Viscosity and Density?"
Both are thicker and slower to flow when both are increased. So it is a relation to number of particles.
1. Write the equation for density, given both the dynamic and kinematic viscosity of a substance. The equation is: Density = Dynamic viscosity / Kinematic viscosity. 2. Substitute
The viscosity of beer is 1.8 centistokes and 32 SSU at 68 degrees
density and viscosity are not related because they have nothing to do with each other. in lamence terms, density is the amount of stuff in a space, and viscosity is the runniness
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