Is there a relationship between viscosity and density?


Physically there is no relationship between density and viscosity. Viscosity can be measured by noting the speed of flow of a liquid. There is a relationship between viscosity and heat of the liquid. Increased heat of the liquid increases speed of viscosity or flow. Density is not affected by these operations.
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There is no relationship because water, pours easily and has a low density and syrup has a high viscosity at room temperature when heated it will pour quite easily while the density
Silica:1:a white or colorless vitreous insoluble solid
Density is defined as mass for a unit volume (kg/m^3) Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to a shear force (kg/(s*m) Source(s) Hydrosystems engineer 14+ years with BS and MS.
Conceptually they are more-or-less identical: they all represent the same idea, but refer to different situations. The idea is this: we can find a function that maps values that a
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