Rohm GmbH?


The Rohm GmbH 22 is a type of revolver. This gun is made in Germany and is usually in excellent condition. It is a small gun that is considered to be inexpensive since you can get it at $150.
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Small, inexpensive 22 LR revolver made in Germany.
You need to be a little more specific. Brand, model, etc. A picture link would help too. Thanks.
The Rohm GMBH…. you should so pick me b/c I had to look for a while to find this. Source(s) been there done that bought a better gun.
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A Rohm Gmbh Sontheim Brenz is a type of pistol. They were low cost guns manufactured in Germany. Although it is an older gun, it isn't worth very much. ...
The abbreviation 'RG' in 'RG 22' firearms is a German phrase. The 'RG' of RG Industries that labels their firearms stands for 'Rohm Gmbh.' That is German for Rohm ...
RG Industries in Miami Florida was a company that used to sell guns that had zinc frame. The guns were made by ROHM GMBH, a manufacturing company in West Germany ...
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