How to Say Things in French?


This is how you express things/feelings in French : Je t'aime (I love you) ; Serres-moi.(Hug me); Tu me manques. (I miss you); Tu me manques. (can you help me?); Quelle heure est-il? (what time is it?) . More - Etes-vous sur Facebook? (Are you on Facebook?) ; Ou vivez-vous? (Where do you live?) ; Repetez s'il vous plait? (please repeat please?). French is not an easy language to learn but it oe of the most picturesque languages in the world.
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If you'd like to learn how to say things, like "belle" which means "beautiful," in the French language, consider using an online helper. You can learn lots of
1. Compliment your partner. Tell them something that you like about them, whether its their physical beauty, sharp intellect, witty sense of humor, or amazing tennis skills. Make
1 Compliment her. Complimenting on her beauty, such as, you have beautiful eyes, color of your eyes is so pretty. The same thing goes for her hair also. These type of compliments
I love you, Je t'aime, or Tu seras toujours la femme/
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