Rubberised Cotton Mackintosh?


A rubberised cotton Mackintosh is a rainproof coat or jacket that is made from a single texture, rubberised cotton. In the past, these were often made of a cotton fabric that had been impregnated with a wax, before being woven into a cloth. In modern times, this type of fabric has been replaced by newer, waterproof materials. The word Mackintosh is used mostly in the UK. These types of coats are named after the man that invented them, Charles Macintosh.
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Double texture cotton is rubber proofed cotton material, (2 layers of cotton fabric with rubber in between) making the fabric waterproof.
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Mackintosh is both a word and a name. As a word it refers to a raincoat or a lightweight, waterproof fabric that was originally of rubberised cotton. As a name ...
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