What do Russian prison tattoos represent?


There are many different Russian criminal tattoos. Some of these include a dagger on the neck which means they will kill again. The number of blood drops indicates the number of people he has killed.
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On the knees, means you bow to no one. Also points on the star denotes years spent in jail. *Untrue: All will have 8 points. Representing original 8 families. Picture a 15-20 pointed
Prison tattoos can carry a variety of meanings. Not only do the symbols carry meaning
As the previous poster said, most Russian star tattoos denote prison service. This follows tattoo designs in other countries, where convicted individuals often form niche cultures
Those are criminal tattoos. One dot on a finger phalanx represents one term served in prison. 2 dots mean 2 terms served. Cross usually means he is a pick-pocket thief.
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