S LV C Sentence Pattern?


The S LV C is a basic sentence pattern. It describes how all of the parts of the sentence will connect. The 'S' stands for subject, the 'LV' stands for linking verb and the 'C' stands for complement. An example of this in sentence form would be mom is walking. In that sentence 'mom' is the subject, 'is' the linking verb and 'walking' is the complement. Another sentence example would be the dog is fat.
Q&A Related to "S LV C Sentence Pattern?"
He seems tired. The puppy looks lost. They looked scared. Grandma is sick. The clock was broken.
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Which of the following are English sentence patterns, S-LV-IO-DO, S-LC-SC, S-LV, S-V-SC-OC, S-V-OC-IO, S-LV-IO, S-V-DO-OC, or
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