What is the Gram stain of Salmonella typhimurium?


Gram negative.
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Gram staining is important when trying to look at blood or other liquid under a microscope. Staining allows whatever is in the blood to be stained enough to see and stand out.
1. Place a sample of a bacterial culture on a microscope slide. An inoculation loop can be used to transfer the bacteria to the slide. 2. Use a wooden stick to smear the bacterial
1 Get a tissue sample for the Gram stain. For example, if a pneumonia is suspected, get a sputum sample. If an urinary tract infection is suspected, get a urine sample. If an intestinal
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Gram staining is used to categories bacteria into 2 stated groups, Gram positive like Streptococcus and Staphylococcus and gram negative such and also Salmonella ...
A gram stain or gram stain test is a method of separating bacteria species into two main groups named gram positive and gram negative. Gram stain testing helps ...
Gram staining was created by scientist Hans Gram. It is defined as differentiation between two groups; a positive and/ or negative gram. What factors into the ...
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