What are some strengths and weaknesses of snow ball sampling?


http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/dse/wcmn203.ns… this link is exactly what u are looking for:D
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Both are a tradeoff between the time spent in sampling and the precision that can be attached. At least the mark-recap has to be done over a short period of time in order to limit
The simple random sample requires less knowledge about the population than other techniques, but it does have two major drawbacks. One is the fact that, if the population is large
None of the Lenstip.com editors is a professional photographer (well, if being a professional photographer means having a press card and earning your living by taking photos then
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When referring to a blood sample, a leukemic blood would have an increased amount of white blood cells that are very immature. This causes the person to feel weak ...
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