Who invented the image of Santa clause?


Santa Clause had never had been fat and wore a red suit. That was a image made by the company "coke" It was used in their commercials and then became a world famous character for Christmas. Hope this helped!D.
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As long as you know Santa Claus lives in the North Pole you don't need his address. The reason is because he make sure he knows all the addresses of the good children to deliver toys
Everyone needs to know how to contact Santa Claus, no matter what their age. Thankfully Santa Claus has gotten on the technology bandwagon, complete with tracking devices and numerous
The historical Saint Nicholas was venerated in early Christian legend for
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Santa Clause is said to have originated from the Netherlands as Sinterklaas in the 4th century. Santa Claus is a legendary folklore figure who is said to bring ...
Many people like to believe there is a Santa Clause. They will teach young children about the idea of Santa and allow them to believe for many years. The idea ...
Santa clause is a culture we have borrowed from people who lived a long time ago. His image featured first in 1931 in a Coca-Cola advertisement and looked quite ...
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