How to Decorate for Spirit Week?


Lockers- Make a different ornament for each day of the week out of edifice paper, and place it on every closet before school jolts. Posters- Have scholars make artworks publicizing the special days. You can even make this into a competition, with the captivating posters earning prizes or special freedoms. Doors- Hold a door-decorating contest. Challenge each homeroom class to decorate the classroom door in a way that reflects school spirit. Hallways and Windows- Drape streamers in school colors from light fixture to light fixture down a hallway, to give it a festive air.
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School Spirit Week Decorating Ideas
Spirit week is usually held the week before homecoming at high schools and some middle schools around the country. Each day of the week features a different theme. For example, one day may be "Dress up like the '80s" day. Another day may simply feature... More »
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1. Hold a classroom decorating contest. Each class or homeroom is responsible for decorating its own room, and the winning class receives a prize, such as a pizza lunch. Judge according
Draw posters with Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin crests and hang them in the hallways.
1 Gather your bright nail polishes, high socks, and funky head bands. If they aren't the color you want, head out to the dollar store and grab a roll of neon duct tape (it costs about
Have people brainstorm the core experiences at your school (i. e., something your school comes together on) and highlight those experiences through events. Embed Quote
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There are numerous possible ideas for Celebrity Day for Spirit week to promote a positive spirit in school. One of these ideas includes, decorating the class and ...
Spirit Week celebrations can be a great way to get students unified as a team and enthusiastic about school spirit. Spirit Week can be celebrated with daily events ...
School spirit poster ideas can include using the school's colors to decorate the poster. You can also use the school's motto or logo on your school spirit posters ...
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