Science Project on Stained Teeth?


There are a couple of different science projects which can be done with stained teeth. Firstly, a student can first decide to create a project to find out which substances tend to stain teeth more than others. Or, the student can decide to find out which type of toothpaste will help to remove stains better. In any event, the student must first obtain teeth, which may be able to be acquired from a dentist. Then the student will also need to gather different types of liquids to stain the teeth or clean them depending on what the experiment is.
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Science Project on Stained Teeth
You can use everyday products to teach your students about the effects of sodas and juices on teeth. Your students can also test how well different toothpastes work to clean stains. For this project, four different sodas and juices are used, as well as... More »
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