What are Sea Cucumbers?


Sea cucumbers are a type of marine sea animal found in the oceans world wide. They have an elongated body and leathery skin. They are scavengers and feed on the debris found on the ocean floor. They are used by us humans for food.
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1. Cover the bottom of the aquarium with sand. This is an easy substrate for the sea cucumber to filter through in search of organic matter. 2. Cover all pump inlets. Fish that are
Large fish eat sea cucumbers
Sea Cucumbers belong to the kingdom of Animalia (or the kingdom of animals.)Have a ChaCha Day!
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Sea cucumbers are a type of sea animal which has a shape similiar to that of a cucumber. These sea creatures have skin similiar in texture to leather. You can ...
A sea cucumber refers to an aquatic creature that is used in fresh or dried form in different cuisines. Sea cucumbers are normally harvested by hand from small ...
The warty sea cucumber can grow from 9 to eleven inches in length and get 4 to 5 inches tall. Other sea cucumbers (like the California Sea Cucumber) can grow to ...
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