Sea Snail Facts?


Sea snail facts include that there are at least 12 kinds or families of sea snails. They vary in color shape and size. They live on the ocean floor and eat algae. Snails lay eggs that can hatch anywhere from a few babies to hundreds at a time. Snails have single chamber hearts with gills in front of them. Most snails have 2 tentacles on their heads. The tentacles do not usually contain eyes. The eyes are usually on stalks.
Q&A Related to "Sea Snail Facts?"
Sea snails have one large muscular foot and hard shells they create to cover their soft bodies. They also have a toothed, rasping tongue called a radula. Sea snails have a hard, bird-like
The yellow sea snails bright yellow color may serve as
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It's rather hard to say what species Gary would be because he is a very general looking sea snail. There isn't really any characteristics that make him a specific species of sea snail
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