What is 2 Secant Modulus?


This question probably is referring to a 2% secant modulus, which can be the tensile, flexural or compressive modulus (slope of a stress/strain curve) of a material that is determined from calculating the slope of a line drawn from the origin to 2%
Q&A Related to "What is 2 Secant Modulus?"
If you look at the stress-strain curve of a material which is curved up to yield (like concrete, some metals, and some plastics), imagine drawing a line from the origin to the curve
draw a line vertical from where strain is equal to 2.5% where it hits your stress vs. strain curve, draw a line from there to the origin. the slope of that line is your E. s. or secant
Young Modulus is the slope of the stress-strain diagram in the linear elastic region. This is the most common use of modulus. As the material goes non-linear in the stress strain
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