What are facts about the Seneca Indians?


The Seneca were the largest of the five tribes in the Iroquois Confederacy, the others being the Mohawks, Onondaga, Cuyoga, and. Oneida. The Tuscarora would join later making it six nations. The Seneca are a matriarchal society meaning lands,
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About the Seneca Indians
The Seneca Indians ranked as the largest of the five tribal units, along with the Oneida, Mohawk, Onondaga and Cayuga, which made up the Iroquois League, which has been called the Five Nations. The Seneca continue to play a major role even today.... More »
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1. Choose a book that fits the assignment as well as your interests. You might find a book that talks about Seneca history, religion and tribal locations, or you might look for a
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The Seneca nation of Indians have a rich and admirable history. They are the largest of six native-American tribes that inhabit the new York State land. Other ...
The Seneca Indians spoke different languages but the language that was dominant among them was the Iroquoian. They currently speak English, Iroquoian and Onan'dowa'ga ...
Seneca Indians are the people who live in New York, Oklahoma in the United States and in Ontario, Canada. They fed on animals like deer's and buffaloes among others ...
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