Sentences Using the Word Antagonist?


Someone is antagonistic if they openly show hostility toward someone or something. A sentence using antagonistic would be: 'Sarah felt that her teacher was being antagonistic by taking away her recess time.' Another sentence would be: 'The antagonistic students threw erasers at their teacher because they hated her.'
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The Republicans are ANTAGONISTS to the Democrats.
An antagonist is a person or thing that competes with or goes against
A sentence, in its simplest form is made up of a subject and a verb. The subject consists of a noun and the verb is the action word. A simple sentence example is, 'The cat played,
1. Look up the definition of the word in the dictionary. Make sure you understand exactly what the word means. Verify what part of speech the word is (noun, verb, etc. and, if a verb
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An example of antagonist in a sentence could be 'John was a psychopath and a very scary antagonist'. The word antagonist means, among other things, an opponent ...
The word antagonistic means feeling or showing an active or apparent hostility to another person or thing. Someone who is antagonistic might be said to be hostile ...
The word antagonistically is a word used to refer a situation where someone who opposes and challenge another person. In pharmacology, the word antagonistically ...
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