Why is my Dog Shaking?


If the dog was injured it could be caused by pain. If the dog shakes as a regular behavior then it could be cold or fear of something or someone.
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Check your dog's ears after he plays in the water. An ear infection (or otitis) in dogs can have many causes. Water is trapped in your dog's ear canal can lead to ear infections,
The dog if it shakes is under a acceding amount of stress, or is nervous.
1 With the dog sitting in front of you, hold your hand out flat with a small treat between your thumb and your palm. Ad 2 Offer the dog your hand. At first he will sniff and nose
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Common causes of dog panting and shivering are cold weather, fever, outer ear infection, allergy and may be if it is scared. In most cases, panting and shivering ...
There are various reasons why dogs shake. Dogs shake their legs when scratched because of the scratch reflex. Other reasons why dogs shake are sensitivity to cold ...
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