What is a bull sharks classification?


Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Chordate. Class: Chondrichthyes. Order: Carcharhiniformes. Family: Carcharhinidae. Genus: Carcharhinus. Species: Carcharhinus Leucas. Scientific Name: Carcharhinus Leucas.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes
Ancient relatives of sharks first appeared in the world's oceans about 400 million years ago. Today, sharks are classified among the elasmobranchs, which also includes the rays and skates. There are over 350 known species... More »
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The classification of sharks is Chondrichthyes.The subclass is Elasmobranchii
Sharks biological classification: kingdom:Animalia, phylum:Chordata, class:Chondrichthyes. Order, family,genus, and species are more specific to a type of shark
Even though some sharks give live birth and exhibit a bit of thermo-regulation they do not do so to the extent of mammals. They do not feed their young breast milk nor do they have
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Sharks are in the Chondrichthyes, or 'cartilaginous fish' class. They first appeared on Earth 450 million years ago and include both fearsome predators and harmless ...
A tiger shark is under the calssification of Chondrichthyes. The tiger shark is large and can be found in mostly temperate and humid waters. Its a nocturnal and ...
When taking a biology or science class, you may be required to know the classification levels of animals. For example, you might need to know what the levels are ...
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