What is the summary of the story Alice in Wonderland?


Alice goes to Wonderland.
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Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Source of legend and lyric, reference and conjecture, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is for most children pure pleasure in prose. While adults try to decipher Lewis Carroll's putative use of complex mathematical codes in the text, or debate his alleged... More »
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Alice is very bored and sleepy while sitting with her older sister
In the middle of novel, Alice learns how wonderland works by drinking just enough potion or eating just enough cake to either shrink or grow in order to manuver through wonderland
It's about a girl from a normal world who gets sucked in to a different world that she hasn't seen since she was young. She finds her old friends and has flashbacks of when she was
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Alice in Wonderland is a short story for children. The main animal in the story of Alice in Wonderland is the Cheshire Cat. There is also a White Rabbit that makes ...
Alice is the main character in the literary classic Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a young girl who wears a basic blue dress with a short sleeve white shirt underneath ...
No, Alice from Alice in Wonderland has long, straight blonde hair and blue eyes , while Wendy from Peter Pan has short auburn brown hair and brown eyes, so they ...
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