What Weapons Did the Shoshone Indians Use?


Shoshone warriors and hunters were primarily bowmen. They used long bows made from hardwood and arrowheads made from bone, flint or obsidian. European, primarily Spanish, explorers brought horses that reproduced in the wild and were quickly adopted
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bows arrows,clubs andbuffalo-hide shields. bows arrows,clubs andbuffalo-hide shields.
They used bows and arrows to hunt The buffalo and the deer and they used long sticks to hunt fish and they used buffalo Shields's! Anonymous
Shoshone hunters used bows and arrows. Fishermen used spears, nets, and basket traps. In war, Shoshone men fired their bows or fought with war clubs and buffalo-hide shields.
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Traditional Shoshone art is renowned for its beadwork. It also includes basketry, tools, weapons, toys and games. The buffalo and elk hide paintings of the Eastern ...
The Goshute Indians were a part of the Western Shoshone Native Americans. These Indians used a variety of weapons in battle and to hunt. This includes bows, arrows ...
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