Similarities between Phonetics and Phonology?


The two fields, phonetics and phonology, do have similarities as they both pertain to language. Phonetics concerns the actual mechanics of speech and the tools used to express sounds. The tools involved are the lips, tongue, teeth and pharynx. Phonology is the study of the speech sounds that are made from these mechanical parts. Phonology is also affected by the language used by the speaker.
Q&A Related to "Similarities between Phonetics and Phonology?"
That's much too long a question. In brief, phonetics is the study of the sounds humans can make. Phonology is the study of how those sounds are used in language. For example, phonetics
There isn't. They mean the same thing. Phonetics. is a branch of linguistics, it is concerned with the physical properties of speech sounds (phones) their physiological production
Phonetics is about the physical production and perception of the sounds of speech. For example, lip movement, tongue position, etc. Hence, the production of the sound that occurs
Phonetics relates to the sound of language, and is comparable to each distinct note on a keyboard, whereas phonology how those sounds are put together to produce meaning, and is comparable
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