What are the similarities of skeletal and cardiac muscles?


Some of the similarities of skeletal and cardiac muscle include the fact that they are both striated and have contractile proteins with thick and thin filaments arranged in sarcomeres. They have a sliding filament mechanism and are comprised of myofibrils, T-tubule networks, and a sarcoplasmic reticulum. They both force generation and control by calcium ions and are highly dependent on their oxygen supply. They are most similar to slow oxidative fibers, usually resistant to fatigue and provide oxidative phosphorylation to generate ATP.
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Like skeletal muscle tissue, cardiac muscle is striated with
cardiac is cardiac and skeletal is. skeletal.
Cardiac muscle, called the myocardium, is composed of a number of long, branching cells that are joined by intercalated discs. An intercalated disc is an area where cell membranes
on the view of the structure ,they have almost the same characteristics both are striated and contains myosin myofilaments and actin myofilaments ,but cardiac muscle are joined together
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