Simile as Warm as?


Similes are figures of speech that directly compare two things using words like; as, like, and then. Some commonly used similes are black as coal, like two peas in a pod, and busy as a bee. They are the most popular way to compare things. Similes are commonly used not only in writing, but in day to day conversation. Some examples including 'as warm as' are: as warm as toast, as warm as a summer breeze, and as warm as wool.
Q&A Related to "Simile as Warm as?"
Warm breeze is not a simile, warm is an adjective for the breeze. A simile would be like, the breeze was as warm as the sun.
umm well two forms: 1. The draft of heat coming in from the snow felt like a warm breeze on a summer day. 2. The warm breeze that swept over us was like the sun's embrace of heat.
as if I were an injured mouse. I find it unsettling, frankly, and turn away. Now, of course, my back is to her and I can feel her eyes judging the distance to my softly throbbing
Your eyes are the warm tree which I swoop and lay down and rest tonight, feeling at home forever.
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