Skip to My Lou Meaning?


'Skip to your Lou' is actually 'Skip to My Lou'. 'Skip to My Lou' was a song people would dance to and skip to their lou, literally. The term 'lou' has a Scottish meaning of 'lover'.
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The song Skip to my Lou originated from a type of dance where partners were exchanged.
"Skip to my Lou" is an altered/Americanized form of, "Skip to my loo". Loo is a Scottish word meaning, 'Lover'. So, skip to my lover is what the song is actually
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skip_to_My_…. Skip to My Lou” is a simple game of stealing partners (or swapping partners as in square dancing) It begins with any number
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The meaning of the name Lou varies depending on the origin. In Latin, the name means 'light' while in German, it means 'warrior maiden'. The name is also of French ...
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