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An example of a solution is going throughout a day at home of vacation from your highly stressful job, and at some point during the day you decide that it is necessary for you to place an outgoing telephone call. You then discover, when placing the
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In chemistry, solutions are homogenous mixtures that are composed of only one phase. In a solution, a solute is a substance that is dissolved by and absorbed into another substance, known as a solvent.
Examples of solvents include: water, ethanol, acetone, and turpentine. Solutes include anything that can be dissolved into a solvent, such as sugar or salt stirred into a glass of water.
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Corn syrup is a hypertonic solution.
There's no such thing. If you what you meant to do was distinguish between applied and theoretical solutions, you might have better luck. Otherwise, any 'solution' in the most abstract
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Supersaturated solution is a solution that has more solute than it can dissolve at a given temperature. A good example is when salt is added to water until the ...
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There are countless examples of solutions. A solution is something that is dissolved into a liquid. Salt dissolved into water is a solution. Sugar in water is ...
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