Which Protein is Better Soy Whey?


Between soy and whey soy is better. Even though both are natural soy is healthier.
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1. Use soy whey to replace milk or water when you make bread or muffins. For instance, use 1 cup of soy whey instead of 1 cup of milk in your basic recipe for yeast bread. 2. Use
Soy protein is derived from soybeans, whey protein is
The ideal protein supplement is a mix of Casein protein and whey. (Avoid Soy entirely). There are several recent studies that establish the efficacy of the mix vs. either whey
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Whey protein is considered as the better source of protein as compared to soy protein. The main reason is because whey protein has lesser fat contents. Soy protein ...
The difference between soy protein and whey protein is the source of the protein. Whey protein comes from cow's milk. Soy protein is plant based. Soy protein is ...
The answer to this question is controversal. Different tests have been done to compare them. They Both have good effects. For example, the biological value in ...
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