How to Care for a Spider Plant?


Place the spider plant in an area of the home that is not hit by direct sunlight. Spider plants thrive in bright, natural light environments common in the home. Keep yours in an area such as a living room or dining room, away from a window with
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1 Pot your spider plant correctly. Use a good houseplant potting medium, not garden soil. Repot it in a larger pot each spring or divide the old plant into several smaller ones and
It is a grass like plant with long slender leaves, sometimes all green sometimes green with white stripes. It will shoot out a long strong "stem" that flowers and will have
These are probably the easiest babies to grow. Some people put them in water,and others directly in the dirt. (I've done both) But water is better for beginners. Only the white roots
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A spider plant is a popular house plant and it is easy to maintain. You can care for a spider plant by paying attention to the temperature, watering, and pruning ...
To take care of spider plants you will need to place the plant in a place where it can get sunlight. You also need to water the spider plant every three days or ...
Spider plants are a popular choice because they're beautiful and also typically easy to care for. Keep your spider plant in an area where it won't get direct sunlight ...
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