What are the Characteristics of Spider-Man?


nice, cool, responible, emotional.
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I quoted all of this from Marvel's site. "Real Name. Peter Benjamin Parker. Height. 5'10" Weight. 165 lbs. Eyes. Hazel. Hair. Brown. Powers. Peter can cling to most surfaces
I have to say wise-*** banter is correct, that makes him the Spidey we know over missing his web slingers (in comics for a while they even made them organic like the movie). Even
Powers and abilities. As originally conceived, the formula that turned Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin bestowed upon him enhanced intelligence and limited super-strength only.
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Spiderman's characteristics are that he wears a blue and red webbed body suit. He has web like material that shoots out of his wrists. He is a young man and was ...
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