How to Make a Spongebob Birthday Cake.?


1. Mix and pour cake mix into the Spongebob cake pan. Bake according to package directions. 2. Apply a smooth layer of white icing over the entire cake. 3. Using decorating tip #3 and black icing, outline the body, sponge spots, facial features
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A Spongebob cake is actually pretty simple since he's a square! Bake your cake in a square pan. Use a knife to cut around the sides and round off the body. Use yellow icing with white
Answer I know Tesco do them but if you are not near one take a picture to your local baker and they can probably copy it given sufficient notice.
1 Start by baking two 10 inch square cakes. Cut them in half and tort the layers. Ad
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The easiest way to make a Spongebob cake is to start by buying a Spongebob cake pan. From there, be ready with lots of food coloring for your frosting. Here's ...
1. Lay out the collection of yellow sponges across the table. These sponges do not have to fancy, the cheapest you can find and usually packaged in multiple of ...
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