What are the 6 steps to make papyrus?


1. Gather papyrus reeds. 2. cut off the outside bark. 3. cut the reed into strips. 4. soak the strips in water. 5. criss cross two layers of strips. 6. pound the wet strips into paper.
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In order for you to make paper out of papyrus you will need to soak the papyrus together, weave the papyrus, and then pound it so that is can bond. Once you have done that let is
1. Harvest the fully-grown papyrus reeds. The reeds should be between 6 and 10 feet tall. 2. Slice the reeds open to reveal the center and peel away the outermost layers. The highest
1 Obtain a papyrus plant. Papyrus paper is created from the Cyperus papyrus plant, which is a light but strong reed. You can obtain one by contacting a papyrus plant nursery. Ad 2
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