How to Find Pressure Points on the Neck and Body.?


1. Start at the shoulders. Notice the ridge of muscle rising from each shoulder toward the neck. Press the points along the top of these ridges. Try walking your fingers along the crest. You can find pressure points all along this ridge of muscle. 2.
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There are quite a few but one of the more common ones and one that does the most damage is a nerve that runs up the side of your neck, just below the ear. if you strike it with force
Some remedies for a stiff neck are: First thing in the morning, during
Like under your ears, or by poking into your collarbone on the side.
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1. Sit upright with your legs crossed or in a butterfly position. Turn your head towards your right shoulder to the point of pressure. Hold this pose 5 seconds ...
After a blood patch, patients do report headache and pain in the neck area. It is best to limit movement and lie down flat as much as possible. However, if it ...
There are 6 conditions associated with pressure or heaviness and stiff neck. They are Osteoarthritis, muscle strain, torticollis, hypothyroidism, heartburn, or ...
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