What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring, and how do you calculate the formula?


the formula for energy in a spring is. 1/2kx^2. using conservation of energy, calculate the kinetic energy of the car. =1/2 m v^2. =1/2 *1200kg * (65km/hr*60min/hr. *60sec/min*1000m/km)2. the energy of the spring is equal to that. =1/2 *k *2.2^2.
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it has to do with the amount of tire roll sideways (when cornering) the stiffer the tire (cheek) the less the car tends to move it´s weight over the side of the tire. has something
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Use this formula: Sin(42.346N/Rv)+(38N-Pi/3) = Load ...
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