What Are the Causes of Equine Swelling & Stiffness in the Hind Legs?


Bog Spavin is a soft swelling of the hock joint resulting from an accumulation of fluid in the joint space. Poor hock conformation causes a weakness in the joint area, leading to an overproduction of synovial fluid. Trauma and stressful exercise may
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blood circulate through the body to transport oxygen after you sit, many oxygen molecules are blocked. so you legs won't get enough oxygen that it need. without oxygen, you legs go
Stiff leg, reduced mobility or movement of the leg. There are over 14 causes of this disorder
i had very similar problem a month ago too. for immediate relief i guess u must take some calcium tablets. then as the pain goes away just try and include a lot of calcium rich food
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Leg stiffness can happen to those who are athletic due to inappropriate footwear. Some studies suggest that that less restrictive footwear for those who run will ...
To help a dog with stiff joints in the legs, allow the dog to rest after walking. You should also have the dog examined by a vet to rule out any medical conditions ...
Leg stiffness is extremely uncomfortable, especially for a dog who doesn't understand what is going on and can't always communicate what is happening. There are ...
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