How to use these English idioms?


There may be other ways to use these words. These are the easiest ways that immediately came to mind. Let me know if this isn't clear enough for you~ Get down to > "Get down to the store." To visit or go to the store. Get even > "She got even with
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Top 10 idioms: Riding the gravy train, Dead ringer, Can't
I was going to suggest Chekhov's Champagne: It is a wonderful short story filled with a number of universal themes and ideas, including a significant
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Idioms are words, phrases or expressions which are ordinarily used in everyday talk by inborn speakers of English. They are often allegorical and make the language ...
There are several popular idioms in English. This makes it hard to know exactly which one is the most popular. Some of the most frequently used expressions are ...
Stories with idioms are stories with an expression that consist of a combination of words that have a metaphorical meaning. An idiom for a long story is a long ...
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