What Are the Divisions of Meiosis and Mitosis?


Strictly speaking, mitosis and meiosis are divisions of the whole cell. You have to remember that mitosis is the asexual form of reproduction. Meiosis is a sexual form of reproduction in a cell.
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The simple stages of mitosis and meiosis are : (Mitosis and meiosis) Interphase prophase metephase anaphase telephase / cytokinesis. (Only meiosis) prophase II metephase II anaphase
Mitosis and Meiosis are both divisions of cell replication. They both
Our bodies undergo Mitosis cell division to heal the damaged tissues, for growth and development, to produces two daughter cells that are identical to the parent cell. Also, helps
Mitosis occurs only in somatic (non-reproductive) cells. A new copy of each chromosome is made, so a 2n cell becomes 4n. The new chromosomes then separate, the nucleus divides and
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