How to Care for a Stroke Victim.?


1. Improve functionality after a stroke. Functionality will almost always be affected after a stroke, especially a severe stroke. Begin physical therapy as soon as possible. If you don't begin physical therapy immediately, you might develop muscular
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A stroke, occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is disrupted, causing brain
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The effectiveness of organized inpatient (stroke unit) care has been demonstrated in systematic reviews of clinical trials. However, the key components of stroke unit care are poorly
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To train to care for stroke patients you should take CNA classes. These classes will enable you to know how to move, feed and dress a stroke patient. ...
1. Learn all you can about a stroke. Understanding is key in the delivery of good care. 2. Get training from therapists. The therapists rehabilitating the stroke ...
There are many different people that will have strokes every year. Many of the stroke patients will have to go to a nursing home to live; their family is just ...
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