Suffix Hood?


The suffix 'hood' is used in a word to give it a state, character, nature or condition mostly the noun words. Examples of these words are priesthood, childhood, likelihood and others.
Q&A Related to "Suffix Hood?"
adulthood. babyhood. bachelorhood. boyhood. brotherhood. childhood. falsehood. fatherhood. geezerhood. girlhood. greenhood. hardihood. knighthood. livelihood. likelihood. maidenhood
Hood, is actually a suffix for example; Beggarhood, Bountyhood, Boyhood, Brotherhood, and
-hood was originally an indepedent word indicating a 'person, personality, sex, condition, quality, rank' that could be combined with other nouns. Later it turned into a suffix (many
-hood is an English suffix that means a "state or condition of" or a group sharing a certain characteristic. Examples include childhood and falsehood. http://en.wikipedia.org
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