What Are the Treatments for Sun Poisoning on Lips?


The lips are a part of the body often forgotten when applying sunscreen. To treat sun poisoning on the the lips use a cold compress or aloe vera. Use a lip balm with SPF protection in the future to prevent further damage.
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Run aloe vera over your sun poisoned lips. This will work to soothe the pain and sting that comes with leaving your lips unprotected in the sun. Apply a cold compress to your lips
Sun poisoning is over exposure to Ultra-violet Rays from the Sun. Mild cases are just like sunburn, while severe cases exhibit blisters which can cause the skin to become darker and
The doctor may prescribe beta carotene to make the baby more comfortable. You should restrict sun exposure until symptoms improve. Give extra fluids to reduce and prevent dehydration
First of all, stay out of the sun. Take Bynadrill and Advil as needed. If your sun poisoning does not go away after about a week, go to your Doctor.
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