What Are the Treatments for Sun Poisoning on Lips?


The lips are a part of the body often forgotten when applying sunscreen. To treat sun poisoning on the the lips use a cold compress or aloe vera. Use a lip balm with SPF protection in the future to prevent further damage.
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Run aloe vera over your sun poisoned lips. This will work to soothe the pain and sting that comes with leaving your lips unprotected in the sun. Apply a cold compress to your lips
Sun poisoning, often associated with sunburn, shows itself in skin blisters or a red rash over the surface of the skin that was exposed to the sun. The baby may develop a fever, be
First of all, stay out of the sun. Take Bynadrill and Advil as needed. If your sun poisoning does not go away after about a week, go to your Doctor.
1 Buy some lip balm. It's very important that it says SPF 15 or higher on it. 2 Apply the lib balm according to directions on label. Do this when ever needed.
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