What does the word nkubindwa in Swahili symbolize?


Nkubindwa. is not a Swahili word. If it were, the. n. i-prefix (not. n- would be the subject, I; the - ku- infix would be the object, you; and the -wa ending would indicate passive voice, an impossibility in either English or Swahili consodering the
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The Swahili word for faith is "uaminifu." They do not use symbols but the common Roman alphabet. Source(s): Few years living in Tanzania.
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Swahili is a mixture of languages from other languages, influenced by Bantu, other African languages, Arabic and even some South Asian languages. It's like the African version of
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Mishumaa Saba is a Swahili term for the term 'The Seven Candles'. These are ceremonial objects used to recreate the sun's power symbolically and provide light. ...
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